Move In and Move Out Cleans


Moving home is stressful and when moving into a new home there is the extra stress of making sure that the property is clean for you to enjoy living in.

All too often last minute packing and making sure everything you require is easily accessed in your new home means lots of boxes and labelling, and there’s too little time to ensure your ‘old home’ is readied for the new owners.

Sometimes, when moving into a new home, there’s the possibility of gaining access so that you can have your ‘new home’ cleaned prior to your personal effects are moved in.

In this situation we can carry out a full clean of your new home so that any old dust and dirt is removed in readiness for you to set everything out just as you desire.

Alternatively, once you have moved in and carried out sufficient unpacking we can come in and carry out a tidy up, meaning that you will feel comfortable knowing your ‘new home’ is as clean and as tidy as possible.

Cleaners To Go can deliver a full moving in clean so that you can get on with the business of enjoying your new property, safe in the knowledge that and dust and grime left behind by the previous owners has been removed.

Many satisfied clients have used our Move-Out Clean in lieu of a traditional End Of Tenancy Clean.

This works well since often a letting agent will arrange a house cleaner, furniture/carpet steam cleaner & oven cleaner to attend the property and add a mark-up onto each bill.

Please note, however, that our cleaners cannot carry out the impossible and return to its original state a property if you’ve never cleaned it during the time you’ve been living there so certain marks and stains that you should have dealt with previously might now be too ingrained to remove.

In addition, our cleaners cannot deal with mould removal where this has been left to grow untreated for many months.

With our service, however, you simply pay for the cleaning you require and only if necessary arrange for carpet cleaning and oven cleaning.

We can also arrange this for you too, if you wish – just ask.

Contact us today and we’ll take care of all your home cleaning requirements.


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