Are you and your cleaners insured?

We hope you will be delighted with the services of your cleaner, however, in the unlikely event that your property is damaged due to your cleaner or where you feel an insurance claim is deemed necessary, the three steps detailed below should be followed to enable prompt resolution.

In the first instance, talk to your cleaner.

Speak to them yourself and attempt to come to a resolution.

Perhaps they are unaware of what has apparently happened, or possibly they might not have done whatever it is that happened – remember; pets and children can cause accidental damage too, which is why some cleaners prefer not to clean homes where pets can run free.

As you are aware, all of the cleaners that are provided by Cleaners to go are self-employed and therefore they may or may not have their own insurance.

This is not something which we keep details as any such policies they have may each renew at different dates in the year.

As a second step, if you are not able to come to an appropriate resolution with your cleaner you should then look to claim on your own personal house insurance for any damages.

As a third step, Cleaners To Go has in place a Public/Products Liability Insurance policy, however, this policy will only apply when the customer has attempted the first two resolution paths unsuccessfully.

Please note this policy has an excess of £250 which the customer will be required to pay.

In order for a claim under our policy to be entertained you would need to provide written proof that steps one and two have been completed and furnish us with details of the claimed amount.

In the event of a suspected theft a client is required to report the matter to the Police and obtain a crime reference number so we can forward details of the alleged offence to our insurers.