Do I have to be present when the cleaner arrives?

Not at all. For regular cleaning we can arrange for your cleaner to visit in advance of her first cleaning visit to discuss details such as timing, etc and you can then provide them with a duplicate key.

We can provide you with a form for the cleaner to complete to record their receipt of your key.

Please note that we are not liable for the safe return of your cleaner from your cleaner, which is why some clients will require their cleaner to provide a deposit to ensure their safe return.

This can sometimes be equivalent to the first visit’s cleaning payment and they can use the key receipt form to note any deposit has been taken.

For one-off cleans, if you will not be present when the cleaner arrives, we or the cleaner can usually arrange to collect keys from a neighbour, a friend, a local shop or estate agency in your area, or perhaps collect from you a day earlier, free of charge.