Do you guarantee your services?

We guarantee you a satisfactory result or we will re-clean the disputed areas free of charge.

Please note that in the first instance, if you are in the property when the cleaner visits it is always best to speak to your cleaner yourself if there is a difference between what you expected to be cleaned and your cleaners’s actual completed work.

We will need to contact them ourselves to reflect back to them your observations and therefore your first-hand comments to them might allow a problem to resolved more quickly.

A quick conversation whilst your cleaner’s in your home, therefore, will often deal with the problem and set everything straight for their next visit.

If you are using our move-out clean in lieu of your letting agents’ end of tenancy clean (as many of our clients do) we cannot “guarantee” that they or the landlord won’t find something to query and use that to attempt to hold back part of your deposit.

We always suggest clients leaving a rented property take photographs of the property upon leaving so they can be compared to the standard when they moved in (you did take photos when you moved in, didn’t you?) since this will invariably quash any complaints and ensure your deposit is returned swiftly.