Do you provide end of tenancy cleans?

Many satisfied clients have used our Move-Out Clean in lieu of a traditional End Of Tenancy Clean.

This works well since often a letting agent will arrange a house cleaner, furniture/carpet steam cleaner and oven cleaner to attend the property and add a mark-up onto each bill.

Please note, however, that our cleaners cannot carry out the impossible and return to its original state a property if it’s not been regularly cleaned it during the time you’ve been living there.

This means that some marks and stains that should have been dealt with previously might now be too ingrained to remove.

In addition, our cleaners cannot deal with mould removal where this has been left to grow, or if they attempt to do so this has been found to take a lot longer than clients have expected.

If you wish to have a move-out clean, please contact us so we can take some additional information and then we can provide you with a quote.

We can also arrange for carpets to be chemically cleaned and your cooker to be chemically cleaned, if necessary too.