How do I know your cleaners are any good?

We are regularly contacted by people who are looking for a position as a domestic cleaner.

However, before they are able to be presented by us to a client, they are each required to go through a minimum of a four part application procedure.

Firstly, we carry out a telephone interview to outline their work skills and their use of conversational English.

Only those passing this step are taken forward to step two, which is where we meet them at their home for a more detailed interview.

At this stage we obtain copies of the originals of all relevant documentation to confirm their right to work in the UK and have them provide full details of previous work references.

We then write out to those references requesting confirmation as to the applicant’s suitability for the role of home cleaner and assuming they are satisfactory we meet them again post-referencing to carry out a cleaning induction and provide guidance for them.

Once they are working for their first client we will only provide them with details of further prospective clients once we’ve confirmed their work is up to standard.

This process usually takes a couple of weeks, so those people who were simply looking for a “quick-start” job until “something better” came along are filtered-out and it is only those who truly want to be domestic cleaners that stay the course.

Those that do are the ones that we want to hold onto and find that our clients are pleased with the results they provide.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet your regular cleaner before they start and if you are not satisfied with their work we we can replace them with another cleaner in our database.