What will the cleaner clean for me?

The cleaners who work with us are experienced at all the areas that usually require cleaning. These include activities such as for example:

Washing down wooden floors
Dusting surfaces, window ledges and skirting boards
Cleaning kitchen work-surfaces and cupboards, clean sinks and empty bins
Cleaning bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites, including baths, showers and toilets
Window cleaning, insides only
Polishing brass, silver and ornaments
Putting washing into washing machines

Please remember, however, that there’s only so much that can be carried out in the time of cleaner’s visit, so if you require many tasks to be completed, or rooms to be cleaned, it’s important to ensure you book sufficient time for your cleaner so that jobs don’t have to be left unfinished and then have to be completed during their next visit.