What cleaning materials will the cleaner require?

We recommend to have the following cleaning materials available for your cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments
Mop and bucket, broom, dust brush and pan
4 cleaning cloths, for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and general use (to be washed in between visits)
Rubber gloves
Feather duster
Scratch-free sponges (to be washed in between visits)
Microfibre clothes (to be washed in between visits)
Non-bleach toilet cleaner
Limescale remover
Bathroom cleaner
Floor cleaner
All-purpose cleaner
Fat solvent

Further cleaning supplies are required for additional cleaning services:

For interior window cleaning: glass cleaner
For oven cleaning: oven cleaner, sponge

If, during the initial meeting it becomes apparent that a client doesn’t have the appropriate items at their property, arrangements can be made for the cleaner to purchase them and for the client to reimburse the cleaner on their first working visit.