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Now some people say that the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ page of a website is the place where insomniacs go to read when they can’t get to sleep – but here at Cleaners To Go we feel that it’s a place where you should be able to get a simple and direct answer to those niggling questions you might have.

That being so, we’ve collated the answers to the various questions we’ve found are most often asked by people who are either considering having a home cleaner for the first-time, or thinking of changing their domestic cleaning provider.

There’s a short list on this page of the main questions and if you click on the link at the bottom of the list you’ll be taken to a page with even more questions and answers.

Click on any question to find out more and if there’s anything specific you wish to clarify or if there’s something you feel we’ve missed, contact us and we’d be glad to discuss your questions in full.

How can I book your service?

Complete our enquiry form, including all relevant details we will contact you to discuss your request.

After that we can firm up the booking, which could be as soon as within a few days of your call, or further in advance if there’s a particular event you require us to work around, a party perhaps or suchlike.

And yes, we can arrange one-off cleans for a weekend, providing you give us sufficient notice.

How would I pay for your services?

For regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning you pay your cleaner each time they visit and we collect our agency fee by Standing Order.

Prior to a cleaner starting to work for you, for insurance and administrative purposes, we require our first 4-weekly fee amount to be paid.  If you have access to on-line banking you can do this yourself, or we can provide a Standing Order form for you to complete and return, however, your cleaner would not start working for you until that payment has cleared.

For one-off cleans payment of the reservation deposit can be made by direct bank transfer or by debit or credit card using PayPal.

Is there a minimum charge or visit time for your services?

As your cleaner will need to travel to your home we do try to arrange cleaning in blocks, with the minimum being 2 hours for weekly cleans and 3 hours for fortnightly and one-off cleans.

Please remember, however, that if you have a larger home a total of 3.5 or 4 hours per week might be more appropriate to keep your home in a top-class clean condition as we ask our cleaners not to rush and therefore miss key tasks or damage a clients property.

For some clients we provide bi-weekly visits and additional one-off visits to support events such as birthdays or parties where outside catering or event companies may have been employed.

How soon can I have a cleaner working for me?

We pride ourselves on a fast response to enquiries so we can usually arrange for a cleaner come out out to meet you within a couple of days of your initial enquiry.

Our terms, however, require the first 4-weekly agency fee amount to be paid in full in advance of the initial cleaning visit and therefore we will need this paid either by on-line bank transfer or by Standing Order before the cleaner can start for you, similar to the initial payment for an insurance policy being taken upon the date of its commencement.

All subsequent agency fee payments are to be paid in advance by Standing Order. Where any subsequent fee payments are received via PayPal the Cleaners To Go reserves the right to charge an additional £5.00 fee to reflect the higher cost of this payment method.

What cleaning materials will the cleaner require?

We recommend to have the following cleaning materials available for your cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments
Mop and bucket, broom, dust brush and pan
4 cleaning cloths, for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and general use (to be washed in between visits)
Rubber gloves
Feather duster
Scratch-free sponges (to be washed in between visits)
Microfibre clothes (to be washed in between visits)
Non-bleach toilet cleaner
Limescale remover
Bathroom cleaner
Floor cleaner
All-purpose cleaner
Fat solvent

Further cleaning supplies are required for additional cleaning services:

For interior window cleaning: glass cleaner
For oven cleaning: oven cleaner, sponge

If, during the initial meeting it becomes apparent that a client doesn’t have the appropriate items at their property, arrangements can be made for the cleaner to purchase them and for the client to reimburse the cleaner on their first working visit.

What is included in a basic cleaning visit?

For each room the basic cleaning routines, subject to the time allocated for cleaning includes:

Living room and day rooms

Vacuum / clean floor surfaces
Dust of upholstery and other seating furniture
Dust of electrical appliances (TV etc.)
Dust all accessible areas
Wiping of surfaces and work spaces
Empty waste bins

Kitchen/Utility Room

Wash dishes (if agreed by prior arrangement)
Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes (if agreed by prior arrangement)
Clean floor surfaces
Put away clean dishes (if agreed by prior arrangement)
Cleaning of stove/oven (outside surface)
Cleaning of work spaces
Dust of small kitchen appliances (coffee maker etc.)
Cleaning of the sink
Dust all accessible surfaces
Wipe down exterior of stove, oven and fridge
Clean all floor surfaces
Take out garbage and recycling

Bathrooms / cloakrooms / en-suites

Clean all floor surfaces
Clean shower and bath tub
Clean washbasin
Clean toilet
Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
Dust all accessible areas
Wiping of surfaces and work spaces
Empty bins
Dust all accessible surfaces


Clean all floor surfaces
Making of beds (by prior agreement)
Dust of electrical appliances (TV etc.)
Dust all accessible areas
Wiping of surfaces and work spaces
Empty waste bins
Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures

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