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Thanks for stopping by and here’s where we’ve provided the answers to some of the other questions we’re often asked about Cleaners To Go and our domestic cleaning service.

Just click on any question to find out more and if there’s anything specific you wish to clarify or if there’s something you feel we’ve missed, contact us and we’d be glad to discuss your questions in full.


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What are your charges?

Regular cleaning visits

For regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning visits our rates are from £11.95 per hour.  A proportion of this will be paid to the cleaner each time they clean for you and our agency administration fee, which covers our advertising, recruitment, referencing, insurance costs & provision of a replacement cleaner if your regular cleaner is unavailable, will be collected in advance by 4-weekly Standing Order.

We also offer a 15% discount on our agency fee rate for clients who pay on a quarterly in advance basis.

One-Off cleaning visits

For one-off cleans we will provide you with a quote based upon what you require, with a minimum visit being 3 hours duration. A booking reservation deposit payment will need to be paid in advance when confirming the appointment, with the balance to be paid direct to the cleaner upon completion .



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Why is the regular cleaning price split in two?

Our cleaners are all self-employed and by arranging for our clients to pay the cleaner direct we never have to apply any administration charges or deductions to the amount you pay your cleaner, which ensures we can provide you with a great service at a competitive price.

Each cleaner works in various homes every week and this method means they are not having to chase up many individual payments. 

So that we can simply our collection routines and keep our charges as low as possible we collect all of our fees on a 4-weekly basis and we also allow a discount on our agency fee rate for clients who pay quarterly in advance.


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Can you provide a regular weekend cleaner?

Some of our cleaners will sometimes have spare capacity for regular weekend working, however these slots are in high demand and a higher hourly rate is charged over this period.

 As an alternative, many of our clients provide their cleaner with a key so they can visit to clean during the week and we would be pleased to arrange this for you if you prefer.


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Can you provide a cleaner over a Bank Holiday weekend?

Yes, however a higher hourly rate reflects the Bank Holiday weekend working.  

As an alternative, many of our clients provide their cleaner with a key so they can visit to clean during the week and we would be pleased to arrange this for you if you prefer.


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How many hours will I require?

That’s something best discussed with your cleaner, however, we find that most clients who take a regular clean have their cleaner attend for around 3 hours per visit.

We’ve found that some smaller homes can take longer to clean than slightly larger properties, their being less space to move around within, and sometimes a larger property is somewhat easier to clean when it has less ornaments and surfaces to clean.

Whilst the shortest visit time for a regular clean is 2 hours per week or 3 hours per fortnight, that doesn’t always provide sufficient time for a cleaner to successfully negotiate every room in some homes and it’s a false economy to underestimate how much time your cleaner will need to do a great job for you.

If you tell us more about your property and what you want cleaned we can provide you with a suggested time to allocate for each visit.

Also, if you required an intensive clean, such as for leaving a home, or to remove grime that’s been building up for quite a while, we would recommend you allow for twice the duration of that for basic cleaning.

Please note that due to prior bookings it is unlikely the cleaner will be able to stay past their agreed time, so under-booking the amount of time required could result in an incomplete job.


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How do I work out what I want cleaned?

Our cleaners are used to home cleaning so they will already have an idea as to what will be required. In addition we can provide you with a simple checklist that can act as a guidance template for selecting the jobs to be done which you can then show this sheet to your cleaner at your first meeting.

Remember that the cleaner will only be there for the time you’ve allocated so if there’s a lot of tasks and not enough time, some may need to be left until the cleaner’s next visit.


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What locations around Peterborough do you cover?

Our services are available within the Cambridgeshire area around Peterborough for postcodes PE1 through to PE7.

Broadly, we cover in the North as far as Market Deeping and in the South as far as Yaxley, including all of the areas between.

Full details are contained in our domestic cleaning page.

We also have an active and ongoing cleaner selection programme for additional areas too so please call us on 07933 661457 or contact us to confirm availability in your area since we might have recently registered a cleaner that could work for you.


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Do you guarantee your services?

We guarantee you a satisfactory result or we will arrange to re-clean the disputed areas free of charge.

This is limited to being notified within 24 hours of the cleaner having visited.

We do assume, however, that you have arranged to have your cleaner visit for sufficient time to allow them to carry out the work without having to rush.  

So booking a 3 hours clean and expecting the cleaner to clean all the rooms and surfaces of a 4 bedroomed home, or a smaller home that’s not been cleaned in ages, is not something that we would suggest would be covered by our guarantee.

If in doubt, please ask.

Please note that in the first instance, if you are in the property when the cleaner visits it is always best to speak to your cleaner yourself if there is a difference between what you expected to be cleaned and your cleaners’s actual completed work.

We will need to contact them ourselves to reflect back to them your observations and therefore your first-hand comments to them might allow a problem to resolved more quickly.

A quick conversation whilst your cleaner’s in your home, therefore, will often deal with the problem and set everything straight for their next visit.

If you are using our move-out clean in lieu of your letting agents’ end of tenancy clean (as many of our clients do) we cannot “guarantee” that they or the landlord won’t find something to query and use that to attempt to hold back part of your deposit.

We always suggest clients leaving a rented property take photographs of the property upon leaving so they can be compared to the standard when they moved in (you did take photos when you moved in, didn’t you?) since this will invariably quash any complaints and ensure your deposit is returned swiftly.


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How do you collect your agency fee?

For one-off cleans a proportion of the total charge is paid when confirming the booking. This can be done via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

When a customer requests a regular weekly or fortnightly clean we collect the first payment of our agency fee by direct bank transfer and then the subsequent recurring agency fees are collected using a Standing Order.

Standing Orders are preferred by our customers rather than Direct Debits since with this method clients know in advance exactly when our agency fee is being debited from your account and the exact amount is the same each time.

The Standing Order can be set up by post or if you have on-line banking you can set this up yourself.

There are a few banks whose systems don’t allow for 4-weekly payment cycles and therefore we’ll calculate a pro-rata value to allow a monthly Standing Order to be processed instead in these instances.


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Do you provide cleaning materials, equipment, etc?

Experience has shown that that our regular domestic cleaning clients prefer that we use their own materials.

In addition, not all of our cleaners drive and therefore are unable to bring materials with them.

For one-off cleans such as builders cleans and end of tenancy cleans we are able to provide full cleaning materials if necessary and an further fee will be due.

When your cleaner first visits they you will be able to show them what materials you have and they can then suggest any additional alternative materials if they feel necessary. 

We would expect all clients to have their own vacuum, mops and any small steps if you wish your cleaners to reach into the tops of cupboards or the tops of windows.


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Will I be tied to a long contract period?

We don’t want to tie you in to an arrangement that’s not working for you, but we also know our cleaners value and prefer regular work.

We therefore operate a rolling 4-weekly contract for regular weekly and fortnightly cleaning visits.

Take our service and then if you wish to cancel just give us 4-weeks notice and we’ll let the cleaner know and there won’t be any hidden cancellation fees for you to pay.


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What will the cleaner clean for me?

The cleaners who work with us are experienced at all the areas that usually require cleaning.

These include activities such as for example:

Washing down wooden floors
Dusting surfaces, window ledges and skirting boards
Cleaning kitchen work-surfaces and cupboards, clean sinks and empty bins
Cleaning bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites, including baths, showers and toilets
Window cleaning, insides only
Polishing brass, silver and ornaments
Putting washing into washing machines

Please remember, however, that there’s only so much that can be carried out in the time of cleaner’s visit, so if you require many tasks to be completed, or rooms to be cleaned, it’s important to ensure you book sufficient time for your cleaner so that jobs don’t have to be left unfinished and then have to be completed during their next visit. 


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Will my cleaner wash up my dishes?

By prior arrangement your cleaner can deal with your washing up, however, this will usually take up a large proportion of her allocated time.

Therefore, if you want them to do this for you you will need to accept that certain cleaning tasks may have to be left until their next visit. Please indicate in a note which tasks you wish left uncleaned.

Alternatively, if you find you regularly require your cleaner to do the washing up, you may wish to consider increasing the hours you have allocated for their visit.


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May I see a copy of your terms and conditions?

Absolutely. You might find your question’s answered in this FAQ, however, if not or if you would like to be sent a copy of our terms and conditions just send us a request via our contact form and we’d be pleased to provide you with a copy.


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Do you provide end of tenancy cleans?

Many satisfied clients have used our Move-Out Clean in lieu of a traditional End Of Tenancy Clean.

This works well since often a letting agent will arrange a house cleaner, furniture/carpet steam cleaner and oven cleaner to attend the property and add a mark-up onto each bill.

Please note, however, that our cleaners cannot carry out the impossible and return to its original state a property if it’s not been regularly cleaned it during the time you’ve been living there.  This means that some marks and stains that should have been dealt with previously might now be too ingrained to remove.

In addition, our cleaners cannot deal with mould removal where this has been left to grow, or if they attempt to do so this has been found to take a lot longer than clients have expected.

If you wish to have a move-out clean, please contact us so we can take some additional information and then we can provide you with a quote.

We can also arrange for carpets to be chemically cleaned and your cooker to be chemically cleaned, if necessary too.


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How do I know your cleaners are any good?

We are regularly contacted by people who are looking for a position as a domestic cleaner.

However, before they are able to be presented by us to a client, they are each required to go through a minimum of a four part application procedure.

Firstly, we carry out a telephone interview to outline their work skills and their use of conversational English.

Only those passing this step are taken forward to step two, which is where we meet them at their home for a more detailed interview.

At this stage we obtain copies of the originals of all relevant documentation to confirm their right to work in the UK and have them provide full details of previous work references.

We then write out to those references requesting confirmation as to the applicant’s suitability for the role of home cleaner and assuming they are satisfactory we meet them again post- referencing to carry out a cleaning induction and provide guidance for them.

Once they are working for their first client we will only provide them with details of further prospective clients once we’ve confirmed their work is up to standard.

This process usually takes a couple of weeks, so those people who were simply looking for a “quick-start” job until “something better” came along are filtered-out and it is only those who truly want to be domestic cleaners that stay the course.


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Are there any extra charges?

Once we have assessed the cleaning required and provided you with a quote there will be no ‘sudden surprises’ to the final price.

It’s worth remembering, however, that a cleaner can only do so much within the time they’ve been allocated and therefore if the job(s) are larger than can be completed in the allocated  time, some work will be left unfinished.

We therefore suggest booking slightly longer than you might think you need since it’s easy to underestimate how long it takes to fully clean a room.


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Do you provide an ironing service?

We are able to arrange for ironing to be completed in your home by your cleaner during their visit.

If you believe you might need ironing let us know when you request your cleaner since some of our cleaners prefer not to iron.

Please note that the extra time to carry out ironing would need to be allowed for in the hours agreed for each visit & therefore included in the fee charged.


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What will the cost be for a one-off clean?

Our charges for one-off cleans are based upon the time you select and the nature of the clean you have requested.

Please remember that our cleaners can only do so much within the time allocated and may have another job allocated when yours finishes.  

This can mean that if you select too short a time they may have to leave some areas unfinished, since insufficient time had been paid for.

If you require an intensive clean, such as for leaving a home or equivalent to an end of tenancy clean please contact us as the cost for such cleaning is greater than as specified above.

A booking deposit fee will be due when confirming the booking with the balance to be paid direct to the cleaner when the clean is completed.


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How long in advance do I need to book the service?

Whilst we will do our best to respond successfully to any last minute requests for cleaning, many of our cleaners are fully booked out for regular cleaning duties with clients and therefore we would ask that you contact us as soon as possible to schedule your cleaning date.

Orders at short notice can sometimes be available, dependent upon how flexible you can be as to when the cleaning is to take place.

Requests for a cleaner on a Friday, can sometimes take longer to fulfil, however, the sooner you contact us the quicker we can check our database to provide you with a cleaner who can accommodate your requested date.

We can also, sometimes, provide cleaners on weekends and Bank Holidays, however, there is a higher rate charged to reflect these periods.  

Please contact us for further details.


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What if I need to change my cleaning appointment?

Whilst we always try to be as flexible as possible our cleaners prefer to be given the fullest schedule possible and therefore we request that you provide 48 hours notice if you wish to re-arrange your cleaning appointment.

Please note that due to scheduling constraints, if you do change your appointment time or date it might not be your regular cleaner who comes to visit on that re-arranged time.


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Do I have to be present when your cleaners arrive?

Not at all. For regular cleaning we can arrange for your cleaner to visit in advance of her first cleaning visit to discuss details such as timing, etc and you can then provide them with a duplicate key.

We can provide you with a form for the cleaner to complete to record their receipt of your key.

Please note that we are not liable for the safe return of your cleaner from your cleaner, which is why some clients will require their cleaner to provide a deposit to ensure their safe return.

This can sometimes be equivalent to the first visit’s cleaning payment and they can use the key receipt form to note any deposit has been taken.

For one-off cleans, if you will not be present when the cleaner arrives, we or the cleaner can usually arrange to collect keys from a neighbour, a friend, a local shop or estate agency in your area, or perhaps collect from you a day earlier, free of charge.


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What can’t the cleaners clean?

As you will appreciate, your cleaner cannot deal with every cleaning issue that might crop up in a home.

There are some cleaning tasks that go beyond ‘general household cleaning’ and require additional time or extra specific tools or materials that the cleaners we use would not have with them.

They are not able to deal with the following:

Cleaning of window blinds, Venetian blinds and ceiling fans
Removal of mould or other hazardous substances
Lifting or moving heavy items such as sofas, beds, tables, cabinets, bookcases and white goods
Cleaning of ceilings, windows or any other surfaces beyond normal reach
Cleaning walls
Cleaning or maintaining areas outside your property such as a garage, patio, decking or garden
Cleaning of deep stains, marks caused by pet fouling or other causes such as spillages but please read here
Deal with infestations of insects and suchlike
Cleaning of exteriors, including walls and windows
Steam cleaning and/or carpet cleaning but please read here
End of tenancy or lease cleanings but please read here

Also, in respect of excessively dirty bathrooms, human waste and hygiene products would not be able to be dealt with your domestic home cleaner.


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Can you clean internal walls?

We don’t normally clean walls other than small spot cleans of light marks, because when treated the paint may come off or fade and make the marks worse.

If your walls are dirty or damaged this is something that should really be dealt with by a repair person or decorator.

If you do specifically request a wall to be cleaned we accept no liability for any damage, discolouration or staining that may occur.


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What if I need to cancel my booked one-off clean?

Simply contact us by email or text message giving us 48 hours notice (Monday – Saturday, Sunday excluded) and we will refund your booking fee in full.  

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee equal to one-half of the booking fee you had paid.


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Can you provide regular cleans for the communal areas of an HMO?

Because the cleaners we use are all paid directly by the client at the end of each visit, this would mean a landlord would have to arrange for the payment to be at the HMO every week/fortnight.  

We appreciate this might not be something a landlord wishes to do and so we do not usually become involved with regular cleans for HMO’s.


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Can I have the same cleaner on the same day each week?

The cleaners who work through us are all seeking regular cleaning work.

That being so, once you have met and agreed a start date we would endeavour to ensure that the same cleaner visits each week or fortnight.

So yes, we want you and your cleaner to continue for as long as you are happy to do so and find most clients and cleaners continue the relationship once the cleaner has started working for them.

If, however, you find that you need to change your regular visit-day, please contact us since our cleaners often have other commitments and may not be able to carry out your cleaning tasks on another day.

Please remember, however, that some cleaners might take on cleaning work whilst their children are of school age and once older, may seek full-time rather than part-time hours. 

This means that we might have to replace your cleaner at some time in the future.


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Are you and your cleaners insured?

We hope you will be delighted with the services of your cleaner, however, in the unlikely event that your property is damaged due to your cleaner or where you feel an insurance claim is deemed necessary, the three steps detailed below should be followed to enable prompt resolution. 

In the first instance, therefore, talk to your cleaner. 

Speak to them yourself and attempt to come to a resolution.

Perhaps they are unaware of what has apparently happened, or possibly they might not have done whatever it is that happened – remember; pets and children can cause accidental damage too, which is why some cleaners prefer not to clean homes where pets can run free. 

As you are aware, all of the cleaners that are provided by Cleaners to go are self-employed and therefore they may or may not have their own insurance. This is not something which we keep details as any such policies they have may each renew at different dates in the year.

As a second step, if you are not able to come to an appropriate resolution with your cleaner you should then look to claim on your own personal house insurance for any damages. 

As a third step, Cleaners To Go has in place a Public/Products Liability Insurance policy, however, this policy will only apply when the customer has attempted the first two resolution paths unsuccessfully.

Please note this policy has an excess of £250 which the customer will be required to pay. In order for a claim under our policy to be entertained you would need to provide written proof that steps one and two have been completed and furnish us with details of the claimed amount. 

In the event of a suspected theft a client is required to report the matter to the Police and obtain a crime reference number so we can forward details of the alleged offence to our insurers.


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Do you provide a carpet cleaning service?

Whether it’s marks on a carpet that came with your property, or something that’s recently occurred, removing stains, marks and smells from carpets is the fastest and the easiest way of changing the feel an ambience of any room.

We use recommended methods such as heat and steam extraction which are very effective when it comes to removing not just grime and dirt but also stain spots and germs.

Cleaning carpets requires both special chemicals plus the training to use those materials sparingly and effectively and it is for these reasons that we recommend you contact a carpet cleaning specialist for this type of cleaning.


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Can you carry out oven cleaning for me?

Whilst our domestic cleaners can carry out a full clean of your kitchen and utility rooms, cleaning inside of a cooker to remove the baked in stains requires both special chemicals plus the training to use those materials sparingly and effectively.

Oven cleaning requires both special chemicals plus the training to use those materials sparingly and effectively and it is for these reasons that we recommend you contact an oven cleaning specialist for this type of cleaning.


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Do you offer an upholstery cleaning service?

Cleaning upholstery or furniture requires both special chemicals plus the training to use those materials sparingly and effectively & it is for these reasons that we recommend you contact a specialist for this type of cleaning.


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Can you clean up after our pets?

Due to the possibility of diseases being carried by pets our cleaners are not allowed to clean up pet beds, boxes, cages or the like. Also where pets have left faeces or other waste matter on your floors, furniture and the like, this is not something your cleaner can safely deal with either.


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What should I do if the cleaner fails to turn up?

For regular cleans we ask that our cleaners should contact you if they are not able to attend a client’s home at their agreed time and therefore we ask that you both have a contact mobile telephone number to facilitate this as a quick text often helps if they are delayed.

However, if the cleaner does not arrive and you have not been contacted by them please let us know straight away (or when you return home if they were due to visit whilst you were out) and we will contact them to clarify the situation & do our best to make alternative cleaning arrangements for you.

If we discover their non-attendance will be something that may continue we can then look to provide a replacement cleaner as required.


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Once I’ve got a regular cleaner can I temporarily cancel your services?

When we schedule cleaning we always include attending your home during holidays or when you might be away since this ensures your home is kept in a clean and tidy condition for when you return.

Clients find this is a useful opportunity for specific one-off tasks to be dealt with, such as cleaning out storage cupboards, wardrobes, airing cupboards and so on. Those jobs can easily take a cleaner a whole visit to complete satisfactorily.

Also, since some times of the day and days of the week are in higher demand, if you were to cancel for a long period we may need to re-deploy your cleaner and they might not be available when you wished your cleaning to re-commence.


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What if I don’t like my cleaner?

We appreciate that sometimes a cleaner might not be the right ‘fit’ for a client and if you have any issues with your cleaner, just contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve it (perhaps it’s down to a simple misunderstanding) or we can replace your cleaner for you.


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What if I feel my cleaner is rather slow?

Sometimes it will take a couple of visits for a cleaner to get fully ‘up to speed’ in a new house, so we’d suggest letting them bed in before assuming they are not up to standard.

We can always speak to the cleaner, to see if they are aware of anything which might be slowing them down, materials or suchlike, however, if you wish we can always replace the cleaner for you.


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What happens if I forget the cleaner is due?

All of our cleaners rely upon the money they earn from cleaning and a wasted journey will have a significant and detrimental impact upon their income for the week.

Therefore, if they go to your property at the agreed time and either cannot gain access or that in-house arrangements means you do not want them to enter, then you will be liable for their payment due in full.

If you provide us with 24 hours notice of cancellation or re-arrangement you will not be liable, so please realise that a text message or ‘phone call on the day the visit is due is not sufficient notice.

Where clients repeatedly cancel or re-arrange the cleaner’s visit we will need to either cancel their service in full or switch them over to the one-off cleaning charge rate.


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