FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s where you will find the answers to the various questions we’ve found are most often asked by people who are either considering having a home cleaner for the first-time, or thinking of changing their domestic cleaning provider.

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What is included in a basic cleaning visit?

How many hours will I require?

How do I work out what I want cleaned?

Do you guarantee your services?

How do you collect your agency fee?

Do you provide cleaning materials, equipment, etc?

Will I be tied to a long contract period?

What will the cleaner clean for me?

What materials will the cleaner require?

Is there a minimum charge or visit time for your services?

Will my cleaner wash up my dishes?

May I see a copy of your terms and conditions?

Do you provide end of tenancy cleans?

How do I know your cleaners are any good?

Are there any extra charges?

What will the cost be for a one-off clean?

How long in advance do I need to book the service?

What if I need to change my cleaning appointment?

Do I have to be present when your cleaners arrive?

What can’t the cleaners clean?

Can I have the same cleaner on the same day each week?

Are you and your cleaners insured?

How would I pay for your services?

What should I do if the cleaner fails to turn up?

Once I’ve got a regular cleaner can I temporarily cancel your services?

What happens if I forget the cleaner is due?