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We’ve not yet spoken but, if you’re like the clients we’ve cleaned for previously, you’re probably too busy. Perhaps it’s juggling that work-life balance, or focusing upon looking after younger, or older members of your extended family.

In fact, in all the time we’ve been arranging domestic cleaners we’ve never yet had a client who has said to us, “I’ve got too much free time on my hands.” And so we’d guess that you’re probably in a similar situation – too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Which is why we’ve made the matter of pricing to be simple to understand. We have two schedules of prices, one for regular cleans and a second for one-off cleans, and we don’t ask for any payments until we’ve lined-up your cleaner and agreed the date of the cleaning visit(s).

Regular cleaning visits

For regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning visits our rates are from £11.50 per hour (minimum 2 hours for weekly visits, 3 hours for fortnightly).

You’ll pay the cleaner £8.00 per hour each time they visit to clean and we collect our £3.50 per hour agency fee on a 4-weekly in-advance basis, similar to how you pay for your mobile phone line rental monthly in advance.

One-Off cleaning visits

We can provide one-off cleans for 3 hours or longer. We take a part-payment when you confirm the cleaning visit with the balance to be paid direct to the cleaner upon completion.

Contact us and we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

Further information

 Because everyone’s home, and what they might require cleaning, if you tell us about the property you want cleaned and its condition and we’ll provide you with a suggested cleaning time.

For regular cleans that may mean adjusting the hours up or down after your cleaner’s visited a few times and for one off cleans it might be best to pick what seems an appropriate period knowing you can extend the cleaner’s time if there’s additional work to be carried out.

Some issues that can affect how long a clean would take include the size of your home, the number of carpeted rooms or with wood floors, the number of bathrooms, how often you might want a cleaner to visit and so on.

Additionally, sometimes clients have particular rooms which will require cleaning more frequently and other areas that they prefer we did not enter, a home-office perhaps.

There’s more information about our services in our FAQ section and if you’d like to speak to us about your particular requirements, call us on 07933 661457 or complete the contact form and we’ll reply ASAP.


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